At UltraPure, we believe your water should be as pure as possible. Spring water is loaded with all kinds of unknown dissolved solids, and mineral water has little if any benefit to your health. Mostly it just makes your water cooler dirty and creates a breeding ground for germs.

Our process removes virtually all of the impurities from water using our thorough seven stage process.

Carbon Filtration - This stage used granular activated carbon (GAC) to remove chlorine, Trihalomethanes (THM), a carcinogenic disinfection byproduct), and other contaminants commonly found in many water supplies today.

Twin Alternating Water Softener - This stage of the process is used to remove the hardness minerals like calcium, manganese, and other trace metals from the water.

20-micron Filter - This is the first of two filters designed to remove course sediment from the water prior to purification.

5-micron Filter - This is the second of two filters designed to remove fine sediment from the water prior to purification.

Reverse Osmosis - Our 8-stage, 16-membrane Reverse Osmosis (RO) system removes over 99% of any remaining mineral and chemical contaminants from the municipal water. This process leaves a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level between 2 and 3 part per million (water from the City of Chicago generally run at around 175 to 200 ppm). TDS is an indicator test used for the analysis and measure of the mineral content in bottled water. The Reverse Osmosis process assures that the final product water is free of any unwanted minerals, bacteria, or contaminants.

1-micron Filter - As an added measure of safety, we pass the purified water through a one-micron filter to ensure the removal of any fine particulates. Ozone - The last step in the process is to pass the water through our Ozone disinfection system, which provides an additional level of protection for the water. Ozone is another form of oxygen so it's completely safe. A small amount of ozone temporarily remains in the bottled water after it is capped. Not only does this disinfect the water but also the bottle. Unlike Chlorine in city water, the Ozone completely returns to plain oxygen within a few hours leaving no taste or odor.

Bottling - Finally the water is bottled in a clean-room environment, using equipment that ensures that outside contaminants cannot enter the bottles.

Unlike municipal tap water which is governed by the loose guidelines of the EPA, our facilities and equipment are closely monitored by the stringent regulations of the Food and Drug Administration and the Illinois Department of Public Health.