• Q : Why do I need to use a post carbon filter if the water is already distilled?

    A : The post carbon filter will remove any residual Volatile Organic Contaminant (VOC) that may have arried over, it will also enhance or "polish" the taste of the product water.

  • Q : How often do I need to change out the carbon post filter?

    A : All of the filters for the "Classic" product line should be changed every 3 - 6 months.

  • Q : How often do I need to clean the boiling tank?

    A : It all depends on the hardness of your feed water. If you are using a water softener, it may never scale up and cleaning the surface areas may not be necessary. If you have hard water, then you should clean the boiling tank whenever the metal surface of the heating element is no longer visible because of scale cover.

  • Q : What can I use to de-scale or clean my boiling tank?

    A : Lumen is an excellent de-scaler. If Lumen is not readily available, white distilled vinegar, 50/50 mix with hot water, can be used. Let the solution sit overnight for at least 8 hours, Using a plastic bristled brush, never metal, scrub the surface areas of the tank. You may be required to repeat the soaking process if the tank is heavily scaled.

  • Q : How much electricity does my distiller use?

    A : All models of our "Classic" product line uses approximately 3 kw/hrs. to produce one gallon of water.

  • Q : Since the distiller brings the water to a boil, can I hook it up to the hot water supply line?

    A : NO! Although it seems logical to do so, the fittings and tubing that the water must pass through are not high temperature rated. Doing so could damage those components and will void all warranties. However, you may use hot water for the manual distillers such as the Mini Classic.

  • Q : Why can't I use a heating element obtained locally at my hardware store for your distillers?

    A : The heating elements that we use are specially designed and manufactured exclusively for water distiller applications. They are made of special alloys that are stronger and more durable due to the longer operating conditions than your typical water heater element.

  • Q : Can I use a more powerful element to make more water in my distiller?

    A : No. This will void all warranties. The design of a particular distiller as a whole is specific to the production rate.

  • Q: Where can I get my machine serviced?

    A : Please call our Customer Service number (1-847-215-3287, M-F, 8am - 5pm, CST.) and we will be happy to assist you.

  • Q : How can I obtain wiring schematics and manuals for servicing my distiller?

    A : Some of these materials are available as downloads from this web site. If not, then please contact customer service for more information.