Billboard on the bottle

A company image that pops will give you the exposure of a billboard, for perhaps hundreds of times longer than a billboard. A typical person takes several minutes to drink a bottle of water containing your message, the whole time you benefit from marketing exposure. So get your 'billboard' to the focal point of your target audience on a custom label surrounding fresh, pure water in a biodegradable bottle.

With our unique co-branded water bottle advertising program, Billboard on a Bottle™, we can help you freshen up your advertising with the ONLY solution that travels with your audience - giving your brand the purest, longest-lasting impression on a captive audience.

Get Your Billboard on the Bottle!

The simple, go-everywhere advertising solution.

Billboard on a Bottle™ is the simple solution to delivering your message to a thirsty audience. Your brand will go everywhere with your prospects, but you need to start here with us.